The New Autocomplete Feature!

With thie new Autocomplete feature it is now easier than ever to write formulas!

To write a formula just start typing its name and The Mathist will suggest it to you.

Using the Up and Down keys choose the formula from the list and insert it by pressing the Right arrow or the Enter key, or just tap or click on the one you need.

For example: to write the root, start typing: ro… and watch The Mathist narrow the choices with each letter. 🙂

To cancel the autocomplete, press Escape or the Left arrow.


Long press for similar characters

When writing a note, you may need a character that is not shown on the keyboard. Don’t worry, just find the character that looks the closest to it on the keyboard and hold down on it until the characters suggestion popup shows. Chances are you are going to find what you need to type there.

For example: In order to type the > character, find the character on the right, just bellow the numeric keyboard, and press long on it to open the character suggestion popup.