The Mathist – Intoduction Level

Welcome to the short introduction of the options and possibilities in our loved and cherished web app. Of course, this cannot be the final list, since from the very first day it faced the web’s daylight, our team has been trying to make it better and the efforts are not unnoticed, thanks to you.

Getting started

First of all, it is created for taking math notes. If you just want to check this out, you can choose Guest Access and log in and save it later. If you need a serious and smart notebook, log in with your Google account and all the notes you write will be saved to your Google Drive.

Creating a note

How? The answer is: easily. Press the New note button in the Notes section of the app, once you are logged in.

2014-03-08 16_56_01-The Mathist - Write Math Notes, Solve Problems, Share Ideas _ Web App

It will open the editor.

The mathist editor
The Mathist editor

Start writing

Depending on what you want to write, click on one of these from the bottom right corner: Drawing (The Mathist will offer you a pencil and an ereaser, for the beginning), Text (use your devices keyboard to type common text, definitions etc) or f(x) for adding formulas. The last one will open our keyboard, optimized for mathematics.

The picture shows buttons for inserting a Drawing, Text and Formula field, respectively
Drawing keyboard
This picture represents the keyboard for the Drawing field when a pencil is selected.


One of the main advantages in The Mathist is keyboard which opens when using the formula field. Unique and recently updated, it is meant to be easy to use and effective. Above the standard QWERTY keyboard, there are two additional rows: one with the numbers and the other with most common mathematical signs. Through this and other formulas mentioned later in the text, you can navigate by arrows on the right. The small button in the bottom left corner offers the possibility to choose between QWERTY and Greek keyboard (lowercase and uppercase).

Math keyboard

Inserting a predefined formula

We offer you auto complete feature: start typing the name of what you need and choose the right formula from the drop-down list that will appear. For example, when you type the letter i in the formula field, this list opens up:

Auto complete example

Here we choose the Integral from the list and in spite of the typed letter, the symbol appears:

integral example

First you are offered to add the limits of the integral, but if you do not feel like it, move through the formula using left or right arrow.

Using Wolfram|Alpha in The Mathist

Once you entered an expression in the formula field, use the Select button and then the following will happen:

Light bulb

To solve or simplify the expression using Wolfram|Alpha, press the light bulb and choose between or any combination of what The Mathist offers you:

Note that what is offered depends on the kind of expression you entered.

After choosing all of them, for example, this is what appears in the editor:

solutions in the editor

Deleting a formula or some of its content

For deleting the whole formula field, press the red x in the corner of the formula and for deleting part of it, use the backspace button from your device or use ours.

delete formula button

Saving note

If you are logged in, your note will be automatically saved to your Google Drive. On the other hand, if you are not logged in, in order to save the note click on the Log in & save button. Once you are logged in, it will be automatically saved.

Log in & Save button

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